Classes and hoop workshops for adults, children and events



WHERE: Romsey Centre Pre-school, Dr Peter Centre, Baden Powell Way, Off Mountbatten Avenue, SO51 

WHEN: Sunday 8th May TIME: 2-4pm

PRICE: £25

BRIGHTON 21st MAY 2016

WHERE: Brighton youth centre, 64 Edwards Street, Brighton

WHEN: Sunday 8th JuneTIME: 1.30-4.30pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 (if you prepay) £25 each on the day

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I provide a range of different courses for hooping beginners, whether they’ve just begun learning or not even touched a hoop before!

Hooping provides an energetic and fun way to exercise and improve co-ordination. It's an aerobic exercise and helps burn off those calories still lingering after Christmas; it can also help tone the body as the hoops can be of different weights depending on individual preference.  According to experts, hooping can burn between two and four hundred calories every thirty minutes, or one hundred calories every ten minutes.  This means that a class of one hour could burn six hundred calories: hooping is not just fun, it’s actually exercise!

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Events Workshops (One off teaching sessions)

Having done one or two hour sessions for corporate events such as Lush, I’ve discovered that hooping is a really great and different way for groups to have a fun time or for colleagues to team build.  I will provide one off one or two hour workshops for a range of clientele and events including hen nights, festivals and corporate events.  These sessions will involve learning the basic tricks of hooping in a laid-back and fun environment.    

Children's Workshops

I provide two different tailored sessions for children depending on the client’s requirements; these are weekly classes or one off teaching sessions for in-school and after-school, youth clubs, children’s parties or any other similar occasion.  The one off activity sessions will include teaching children hoop tricks, playing hoop games and learning a short choreographed routine.  I will also provide the option of purchasing a DVD of the final performance.

I’ve found through giving workshops that people who had not really considered taking up hooping or poi before have found themselves really enjoying the experience and planning on continuing with it.  

Because of this I am equally keen to bring the world of hooping to people of all ages and all levels of hooping experience and am available for bookings for three main types of workshops: adult classes, events workshops and children’s workshops

Kay Pink Hoops - Hoop Isolations

Perfect for absolute beginners to advanced hoopers, this workshop is a great way to learn a variety of still and linear isolations and techniques to clean up your isolations.Manipulating a hoop to appear as if it’s floating or rolling through the air is a subtle art that takes a steady hand and a little patience. This workshop provides a solid foundation in isolations, from the most basic one-handed isolation up to advanced two-handed techniques. Ways to improve the ‘stillness’ of the hoop so you can impress everyone with the magic that isolations offer.

Kay Pink Hoops- Feet are the new Hands

Anything hands can do feet can do better! This workshop opens up amazing possibilities with floor work as well as offering a variety of foot hooping tricks. Foot breaks, hooping from behind your head, going up into a shoulder stand, and passing between feet will be covered, as well as a multitude of ways to start the hoop from static with your feet, from passes, standing and laying down. This workshop allows you to introduce more musicality and dancing into hooping with your feet, offering something for hoopers of all levels.

Kay Pink Hoops- Shoulders Knees and Toes

Awesome selection of my favourite tricks with your shoulders, chest, knees and feet. Covering how to clean up your chest hooping, using simple but effective methods in both directions. Exploring shoulder and neck breaks, to change direction. This workshops includes fun tricks with your knees and a few new foot hooping faves! Something for all levels.

Kay Pink Hoops - Dancing With Your Hoop

This workshop focuses on improving your ability to have fluidity of movement and musicality in your hoop dance practice. It involves exploring a variety of movement techniques and engaging with the hoop in a variety of ways, making your style more interesting and unique. If you feel stuck in using certain tricks in set patterns, or focusing just on tricks and staying still, this is a great way to break out of a plateau and use the space in different ways. This class is suitable for all levels and is great fun, as well as being great for your development. Cultivate your own individual style of hoop dance through playing with new concepts, activities and styles of dancing!

Workshop grou[

Archive of past work



Visiting Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Ulverston. 

List of workshops 2014 tour:

BRISTOL 8th June 2014

WHERE: St Werburgh's Primary School

WHEN: Sunday 8th JuneTIME: 1-4pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 (if you prepay) £25 each on the day

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 1-2:30pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Feet are the new Hands 2:30-4pm 

BOURNEMOUTH 9th June 2014

WHERE: Bournemouth YMCA Delta House 56 Westover Road Bournemouth BH1 2BS

WHEN: Monday 9th June

TIME: 6:00-9:00pm

PRICE: £25 each workshop or both for £40

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 6-7:30pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Shoulders Knees and Toes 7:30-9pm

BRIGHTON 20th June 2014

WHERE: Circus Street Hoop Jam Space Brighton

WHEN: Friday 20th June

TIME: 6-8pm

PRICE: £25

CARDIFF 1st July 2014

WHERE: Sport Wales

WHEN: Tuesday 1st July

TIME: 6-9pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 (if you prepay) £25 each on the day

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 1-2:30pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Shoulders knees and Toes 2:30-4pm

SHEFFIELD 3rd July 2014

WHERE: Victoria Works, Rowland Street, S3 8DE Sheffield

WHEN: Thursday 3rd JulyTIME: 6-9pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 (if you prepay) £25 each on the day

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 6-7:30pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Feet are the new Hands 7:30-9pm

ULVERSTON 6th July 2014

WHERE: Croftlands Community Centre, Ulverston

WHEN: Sunday 7th JulyTIME: 12-3:30pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 with a break for cake between classes!

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 12-1:30pm Cake break! :)

Kay Pink Hoops- Feet are the new Hands 2-3:30mpm

MANCHESTER 7th July 2014

WHERE: Firswood Community centre

WHEN: Monday 7th July TIME: 6-9pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 (if you prepay) £25 each on the day

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 6-7:30pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Feet are the new Hands 7:30-9pm

LEICESTER 8th July 2014

WHERE: Flight fitness, Unit 13FF, Faircharm Industrial Estate, Leicester, LE3 2BUWHEN: Tuesday 8th JulyTIME: 5:30-9:30pmPRICE: All 3 for £60or Dancing with your hoop(1 hr) £20 Feet are the new hands (1 hr) £20 Mini hoop madness (2hrs) £30

Kay Pink Hoops - Dancing with your Hoop 5:30-6:30

Kay Pink Hoops - Feet are the new Hands 6:30-7:30

Mr Jeff - Mini Hoop madness 7:30-9:00pm

NEWCASTLE 9th July 2014

WHERE: Northern line studio, Arch 6 King Edwards Bridge, NE1 3TQ Newcastle upon Tyne

WHEN: Wednesday 9th JulyTIME: 6-9pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 (if you prepay) £25 each on the day

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 6-7:30pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Feet are the new Hands 7:30-9pm

EDINBURGH 15th July 2014

WHERE: North Merchiston Club 48 Watson Crescent Edinburgh EH11 1EP

WHEN: Tuesday 15th JulyTIME: 6-9pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 (if you prepay) £25 each on the day

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 6-7:30pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Feet are the new Hands 7:30-9pm

DUBLIN 29th July 2014

WHERE: Filmbase, Curved St, Templebar, Dublin City Centre

WHEN: Tuesday 29th JulyTIME: 6:30-9:30pm

PRICE: €30 each or €50 for both (Spaces are limited, to book a spot please pay over a €20 deposit to my paypal with the name of the city and which workshop you are paying for)

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 6:30-8pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Shoulders, Knees and Toes 8-9:30pm

GLASGOW 31st July 2014

WHERE: Woodside Hall, 36 Glenfarg Street, G20 7QF

WHEN: Thursday 31st July TIME: 6-9pm

PRICE: £25 each or both for £40 (if you prepay) £25 each on the day

Mr Jeff- Mini Hoop madness 6-7:30pm

Kay Pink Hoops- Shoulders Knees and Toes 7:30-9pm


• Beginners Hoop Class Bristol 2013

Tuesdays 7.50-8.50pm

Winter term starts 15th October 2013

39 Seymour Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0UW 

New Year term starting 3rd September 2013 

6 week course - £40

Absolute Beginners Welcome! Hoops Provided!

Book through

Kay’s class, Easton -


• Intermediate Hoop Class Bristol 2013

Tuesdays 6.40 – 7.40pm

39 Seymour Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0UW 

New Year term starting 3rd September 2013 

6 week course - £40

Hoops Provided!

Book through

Kay’s class, Easton -


• Workshop Tour UK 2013

Liverpool Tuesday 20th August 2013 4.30 - 6.30pm

All levels class! Absolute beginners welcome! I will be teaching a variety of tricks based on the skills set of everyone there, you can request certain moves you want to learn as well as some awesome ones I'm itching to share with you all! It is an adults class but children over 9 can come if they are accompanied by an adult.

Old police station on Lark Lane, South Liverpool

I will have as many hoops with me as I can carry on the coach up, so please bring one if you have one, but I can provide them as well, a
lso I will have hoops available to sell at the end from £5 up! The venue is only available early on, so sorry for anyone still in work at that time. I am offering a range of rates, in case people can't make the full session due to the time etc. It will be at a very relaxed pace due to the mixed levels, so everyone will get the most out of it. 

If you prepay (Paypal to be added on Monday or email me for direct bank transfer)
1 hour £5 / 1 hour 30 mins £7  / full 2 hours £8
If you pay on the day it is... 1 hour £6  / 1hr 30 mins or 2 hours £9

pre-paying really helps with visiting teachers due to booking travel and venue hire, so please pay in advance if you can, I will post on here in advance if it sells out. 

Manchester Wednesday 21th August 2013 

'Feet are the new hands' Master Class - 2 Hours

to be confirmed for time check pink hoops page on facebook for more info

Venue The Dancehouse Theatre, 10 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5QA

Glasgow Sunday 25th August 2013 

12pm – 2pm

'Feet are the new hands' Master Class - 2 Hours

Venue, 7 Water Row, G51 3UW (opposite Govan tube station)

To book your space please follow the link below.

Bristol and Cardiff August dates tbc


• 6 Week course covering lots of basic foundations of Poi spinning

Starting Tuesday January 29th 2013

The curriculum is made with beginners in mind, no previous experience with poi is necessaryl. Taught by Kay Dent and Dustin Hubel, this series covers a number of diverse tricks to build a solid foundation in poi.

Kay Dent has been teaching and performing since 2009. Kay is a fantastic teacher who excels at communicating ideas in clear, easily understandable fashion.

Dustin Hubel has been performing and teaching poi since 2007, and has taught across America and the UK. His work has been featured on the instructional Encyclo-poi-dia 2 DVD as well as Home of Poi's 'Circles of Light 2010'.

Course will cover timing and direction, weaving, butterfly variations, turning, reverse weaving, buzzsaws, fountains and extensions.

Muller Hall, Easton, Bristol. BS5 0UW

Every Tuesday between January 29th and March 5th

£7 per class, £20 for 3 weeks, £40 for the full six week series
Send payment via Paypal to pre-register (email
Please include a note with the city/dates of classes.


• Hula Hoop Class, Liverpool

Tuesday 14th August 2012

Belvedere Academy

17 Belvidere Road, L8 3TF, Liverpool
7:30 - 8:30pm
Hour long on-body hoop dance tricks class £8

Never hooped before? Or want to learn some new moves? All levels hula hoop class. Please bring hoops if you have them, there will also be hoops provided in class and for sale after. Join Kay Pink Hoops for an hour of hooping fun!


• Hoop Isolations 

Wednesday 15th August 2012

with Kay Pink Hoops and Dustin Hubel, Liverpool
Belvedere Academy
7 Belvidere Road, L8 3TF, Liverpool
7 - 8pm
Hour long Isolations class £15 
(it is a shorter version of Dustin's workshop that is currently touring the UK and USA)

Improving your isolations and learning some of Dustin's awesome isolation variations! No previous hoop experience needed, all levels welcome. Bring hoops if possible, some will be provided for use in class and for sale at the end. 

If you take this and the poi class that follows directly after at 8-9pm you get both £22 and if you want to take the on-body hoop class on Tuesday 14th as well you get all three for £27!


• Poi all Levels class

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Belvedere Academy
7 Belvidere Road, L8 3TF,  Liverpool
8 - 9pm
One hour all levels poi class, If you have never touched a set of poi before or have only a couple of moves down, Kay Pink hoops is here to take you through the basics in a clear and simple manner, can guarantee you will have at least 2 moves by the end of the class. For those of you who already know some moves and want more intermediate and advanced tuition, Dustin will be there to take your poi skills to the next level. 

Dustin's work can be seen on Encylopedia 2 (2008), Circles of Light 2010, and the forthcoming ‘Hoop Moves’ DVD from Vulcan DVDs.

This class is £10 or if taken in conjunction with the Hoop Isolations class on at 7 - 8pm you get both for £22. 

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