About KAY



Kay has been performing and teaching internationally since 2011, touring the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. She gained global recognition from the hoopdance community after coming 7th in Hooping Idol competition 2011, on Hooping.org. She worked as a choreographer for the Kylie Monogue musical 'Your Disco Needs You' in 2014. 

Originally from near London, Kay has been based in Bristol since 2003. She started spinning Poi in 2004 and took up hooping in 2009 and found them a great way to express herself by combining both dance and circus skills.

Kay has performed solo and with circus troupes such as CirqueSanity, The Electric Grooveriers, The Travelling Light Circus and the Fireworks Collective, at many festivals worldwide including Burning Man (USA), Glastonbury (UK), Secret garden Party (UK), Glade (UK), The Big Chill (UK), Womad (NZ), Luminate (NZ) performing to audiences of up to 50,000. She has featured as a performer at many gigs from Tribe Of Frog (Bristol, UK) , to Bassnectar (Seattle, USA). 

Kay has taught workshops at hooping events including Lake Tahoe Flow arts festival (USA), Spin Summit (USA), Luminate (NZ) and New Zealand Hoopfest and events in the UK including SWHOOP, UK Hoop Gathering, Bristol Swing Dance Festival and Manchester Hoop Congress. In January 2014, Kay won the Infinitease Burlesque competition in London under her alter ego Tess La Coil, with her Toxic Burlesque Hooptease act.


Birmingham Hoop Fest 2016


Manchester Hoop Congress 2016

Teaching and performance

German Hoop Convention 2015

Teaching and performance, Hanover Germany

Spin Summit 2015

Teaching and performance, Colorado USA

Kewiburn, New Zealand 2015


Your Disco Needs You 2014

Glasgow Kylie Monogue musical 3 day run, Hoop dance choreographer

Wild Cabaret, Glasgow 2014

Multiple cabaret performances

UK Hoop Gathering 2012, 2014

Teaching and performances

Hootchy Kootchy Cabaret 2014

Performances at Hootchy Kootchy Cabaret, Auckland, New Zealand

Nerdlesque, 2014

Burlesque performance, Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand Hoopfest 2014

Teaching and Performance

Cardiff Burlesque 2013

Burlesque Hoop performance

Burning Man 2012

Assistant Shin for UK Fireworks Collective. Organising and performing in the group fire performance

Welsh Rockabilly festival 2012

Teaching a group workshop and Burlesque hoop performance

Kellaway Avenue Fireworks show 2012, 2013

Fire performance for Bonfire night show

SWHOOP 2011,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Teaching workshops and hoop performance

Glade Festival 2012

Group fire performance with UK Fireworks Collective

Slamboree, Bristol 2012

LED stage hooping

Mo'niques Launch Party, Liverpool 2011

Burlesque Hoop tease performance

Liverpool Tattoo Convention, 2011, two days

Burlesque Hoop tease performance

Glade Festival 2011,2012

LED Hoop Performance in group show

Secret Garden Party Festival  2011, 2012

Two nights of fire performance, closing ceremony and Group performance with UK Fireworks collective

Burning Man Festival 2011

Group fire performances with 'Fireworks Collective'

Canary Cage, Liverpool 2011

Burlesque Hoop tease performance

Speakeasy, Liverpool 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

LED stage hooping

Slamboree, Bristol, 2011

LED stage hooping as entertainment with the band

Hula Hoop Hop, Royal Festival Hall, London 2010

LED Hoop performance and workshops for over 200 people

Brisfest, Bristol 2010, 2011, 2013

2 days of group workshops with poi and hula hoop

Tribe of Frog, Bristol 2010

Performing with LED Glow hoop for club night

Lush Cosmetics store relaunch, Bristol 2010

Promotions for hula hooping whilst demoing products and handing out promotional material

Managers meeting, Lush Cosmetics, Croyden 2010 

Performing with LED glow hoop and workshops

Tuca Tuca Perfume Launch night, Lush cosmetics, The Croft, Bristol 2010

Performance and Product demo performance with LED glow hoop at charity event for Bristol dogs home

Newcastle Green Festival 2010

Teaching group workshops in the circus area with Dreads n Hoops and performing in the main marquee

Oomph @ Picket Warehouse, Liverpool 2010

Performing with Glow poi and LED hula hoop and helping with decor

Big Chill Festival 2009, 2010

Glow poi performance with the Travelling light circus

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